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deviation in storage by Rosie-Bear


TEEHEE by DesuPurpalHoodie
Been back for 0.5 seconds and I've seen the community is just as bad XDDD
Hello guys I am back by DesuPurpalHoodie
Hello guys I am back
yes it's been who knows how long since I have posted, it's weird to think years ago I checked da almost everyday, and now im lucky if I remember it exists XD honestly idek what happened to the layout since I've been gone it took me about three minutes to find the submit button, will probably take me double that time next time I decide to post something whenever that will be lmao
Anywhosies, it's been a while since I actually finished something digitally let alone actually...plug my tablet in :') (im sorry tablet it's just...copics) oh yes I have been doing a lot of traditional art and sketching but i always forget to post that anywhere other then my art insta...teehee 
So like here's a simple random anime girl with purple bow on her shit, kinda sad there's no improvement what so ever in my digital skills, in fact this looks exactly the same as a previous piece I did a year ago or so? I forgot, but oh well what do I expect me to magically become amazing after who knows how long of not doing anything? XDD Anyways, enjoy :D
~R2~ Alice getting ready by DesuPurpalHoodie
~R2~ Alice getting ready
wow I thought I wasn't going to make it to the deadline but it got extended so yay 
Round two for seedrianstarpageant! 
We had to show our seedrian doing...anything really 
I've decided that since Alice is blind, she'd have a bit of trouble picking out appropriate outfits backstage on her own. So she'd end up wearing many unmatching layers. Even though...I don't feel like I did a good job at expressing that...I tried. 
and I really skimped out on the background, I should of at the very least added a door. Oh well. Well, hope you like it! :D
~R1~ Alice the Seedrian by DesuPurpalHoodie
~R1~ Alice the Seedrian
Name: Alice
Age: 17
Personality: Timid, quite most of the time, doesn't mind being around friends and people but would rather be alone, loves to explore the world although she's blind.
Why they want to be in the Pageant: Alice wants to be in the pageant because for most of her childhood she was held back from doing most things normal kids could do because of her blindness, but now since she has a little bit more freedom she would love to explore and have as many new experiences as she can, and being in a pageant defiantly fits that criteria. 
whoa look i did it I made the deadline guys be proud of me 
defiantly been away from da for quite a while 
I've been drawin just not posting
hey with this you could expect something from me at least once a month...teehee 
for SeedrianStarPageant
Doctor Who by DesuPurpalHoodie
Doctor Who
Uhm one of my friends wanted me to draw Doctor 11 for him 
I personally know nothing about the show except my slight knowledge of the sonic screwdriver, in which me and my friends dubbed, "The Vagina Buster" don't ask
Please ignore sucky background
I asked my friends if they thought it looked like space and that I was going to add stars in which they responded with "NO STARS" so that is why there is no stars 
Which is probably a good thing it's already bad so, might as well not take the chance of fucking it up more right
Anyways, enjoy

Mediums Used:
Copic Markers 
Copic Multiliners 
White Jellyroll pen
about 4 hours of my time 

Hey guys, wanna know a secret?

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 13, 2014, 9:13 PM

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I'm actually only a freshman in highschool...
I made a Deviantart account when I was around 9.
Pls don't kill me

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God why was my bio before so long
Anyways HI
I draw the anime and cartoons
very inactive
sorry :'D

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